Audubon Owls Guide App Reviews

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Nice app

Very complete and useful. A litle inaccessible with voice over however very usable.

The best

The best owl app ever

Extremely good

Very Descriptive and interesting I think that it deserves two thumbs up A+++++++.

I LOVE owls

I love this app, some of those owls are SOOOO CUTE!!!! =) The games are fun and the videos are really cool too!


Its great

Hopeless and Useless

I cant even get this stupid app to open. It just sits and tells me to wait while it "synchronises my data". A complete waste of money, and hugely overpriced. IBird is great. I should have just stuck with that.


This app is great for identifying the type of owls their voice and their region that they are in.

Missing audio

Really like this app, but the audio files dont play after the last update.

Audubon Bird Guide: Owls

Great app! Love to have it on my phone.

Awesome, but the range map isnt working

This is a great app overall and I use it quite frequently, however when I try to use the range map, it tells me that it is not available.

Exactly what I want.

I wanted an owl field guide. This is a guide book in app form, and its all you need.

Fun For Family

Makes you more aware of the wonderful world we live in. Now that we know what to listen for, we hear and see them much more often. Its amazing what we walk around blind (and deaf) to. Owls are beautiful animals. Excellent app!


Good pics and sounds clips from some states, rarely CA. But very disappointing and hard to believe no sizes are given in the description section, and neither are food preferences. Sure hope these are going to be added.


How cool within 5 min we had a screech owl sitting on the tree right in front of us calling back.

No good

Im looking for owl sounds right now not an app that I have to learn


Glad to have the range map back, love this app.


Great app. And owl vocalization is there. A joy to use.


Looks nice, but I hear nothing on my iPhone! Will check my iPad...


Got this for free! Bargain! This is essential to owl lovers!


Keep the improvements coming. Audubon is giving this to birders.

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